Yelp Reviews

"I have been getting massages for over thirty years in a variety of cities and Joanna is absolutely one of the best massage therapists I have ever experienced.  If you are looking for a good massage therapist in Oak Park I highly recommend you give Joanna a try.  Joanna is warm and friendly and can adjust the massage to fit your needs."  Karen H.



"Great massage! Joanna asked good questions before the massage and communicated during the massage perfectly. She also sent a detailed and friendly follow up email answering all the questions I asked. I highly recommend her."  Michael C.



"I would highly recommend Joanna, she is not only amazing, but takes great care of her clients.  Stress can have a toll on your body and having a good REGULAR massage can have an incredible effect on both your mind and body! Call her and make an appointment ASAP...you will be so glad an happy you did...promise you!"  Christian G.


"I had a wonderful massage with Joanna today. I got the deep tissue for some chronic pain/stress, and she was very persistent with checking with me about pressure level. I feel worlds better afterward. Her skills far surpass her years in the business. She has very reasonable rates, and was incredibly pleasant during the entire experience

Sarah S.


"I have been to Joanna at Westgate many times for massage and I will keep going back. I have issues with low back, calf and plantar fasciitis pain. Joanna has a strong touch that works the perfect muscles to relieve pain in the right spot while staying very conscious of your tolerance to make sure you're comfortable. I've been able to get the deep down pain relieving massage and also the more relaxing massage that has helped me doze off to sleep when requested. Very versatile."  Heather K.


"My husband and I have been to Joanna for many massages.  She is fantastic for many reasons, including:   1)  she really listens to you  2)  she cares about you and your well-being and has on several occasions researched specific stretches, exercises, etc to assist and answer questions we've had  3) she has a warm and professional bed-side manner 4) most importantly, she really gets in there and zones in on the areas in which you're having issues with while checking with you to ensure the pressure is appropriate.  5) she's reasonably priced 6)  &) she's delightful!  I highly recommend her!"  Amy H.